Yke Prins

Etchings, Woodcuts and Drawings

2020 (drawings)

2020 (drawings)

2020 (drawings)

2018 (drawing)

2014 (drawings)

2014 (drawing)

"Waterfall" 2014 (drawing, 32x28 cm²)

"In the Air" 2014 (drawing, 32x28 cm²)

"Snow Landscape" 2014 (drawing, 28x32 cm²)

"Turtle" 2014 (drawing, 28x32 cm²)

"Olive Tree" 2014 (drawing, 90x60 cm²)

"The Deep" 2014 (drawing, 45x35 cm²)

"after the ice age" 1995 (etching, 40x51 cm²)

"pink panther" 1994 (etching, 13x51 cm²)

"sign of strength" 1995 (etching, 25x32 cm²)

"dance of light" 1990 (woodcut, 62x93 cm²)